The Top 4th of July Hacks for Hotels

4th of July has now come and gone, and we have learned how to make conversions even higher for next year. 

1. Offer Special Activities




Nearly everyone in the country associates the holiday with fireworks, pool parties, and barbecues. So, regardless of what type of hotel you are, or where your location is, you should try to capitalize on these holiday activities. It can be as simple as putting on some music if your establishment has a pool, or offering a cookout or picnic. Of course, fireworks are a bit more complicated, and if this is not a realistic possibility for your hotel, you could even have a viewing party of the Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks on television. The necessity is not to spend immense amounts of time and money on events, but to make simple changes for the occasion to make your guests feel as if they are celebrating. Of course, make sure you add in some red, white, and blue decorations!


2. Expect Guest Interest




Every fourth of July, travel is high. Many Americans flock to the beach, and getting a hotel reservation on the water is nearly impossible; however, it is not only these sandy establishments that have travelers looking to book. Many guests simply want to get away with their family and friends, so all hotels need to be prepared. So, do not underestimate guest interest just because you are not a waterfront establishment. Instead, dedicate enough advertisements to the occasion and gain guests looking to book in the area.


3. Offer Special Deals




Offering special deals is crucial - especially when it comes to holidays. Incentivizing guests to book direct is important, especially because OTAs are already incentivizing travelers to make their holiday bookings with them. They do so by offering discounts, reward points, or even free days that are amped up around such holidays. So, if your hotel does not offer a special deal for Fourth of July, odds are that your guests will save their money and book with an OTA instead. The problem? Then, you will be stuck paying a commission of around 20% to the OTA, averaging about $90 per transaction - ouch.


So, how can you gain conversions next year? Let us do the work for you. With SwayPay, you can easily offer discounts, rewards, instant financing, and more so guests will want to book direct on 4th of July, and the other 364 days of the year, too. Plus, 4th of July is all about freedom - so give your guests the ability to use any payment method they desire with our frictionless booking platform.


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