Who is Visiting Your Site?

Have you wondered where the traffic on your site is coming from? Who the people behind the numbers are? Well, for hotels, the answer tends to be everyone. Depending on what type of hotel you are, and where you are located, your typical clients will vary. However, simply by virtue of being a hotel, your guests (and therefore, site visitors) will fall into three main categories.


The Top 4th of July Hacks for Hotels

4th of July has now come and gone, and we have learned how to make conversions even higher for next year. 


Why Are Guests Abandoning Hotel Bookings?

The hotel industry loses approximately $446 billion every year in abandoned bookings. When guests book on OTAs instead, hotels lose an average of $90 per transaction. So, why are guests abandoning bookings, and what can you do to alleviate the problem?

How Hotels Can Start Competing with OTAs

With decades in the business, we have experienced the struggles of both hoteliers and guests. Hotels lose an annual $446 billion in booking abandonment, so we have stepped in to show them how to solve the problem.


7 Ways to Draw in Guests with Media Gallery

Why Images are Important

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