Who is Visiting Your Site?

Have you wondered where the traffic on your site is coming from? Who the people behind the numbers are? Well, for hotels, the answer tends to be everyone. Depending on what type of hotel you are, and where you are located, your typical clients will vary. However, simply by virtue of being a hotel, your guests (and therefore, site visitors) will fall into three main categories.




1. Leisure: Leisure travelers go on trips primarily motivated by “getting away.” These vacations can be anything and going anywhere — from staying in a hotel a few towns away to jet-setting across the world.

2. Business: Business travelers travel for business purposes exclusively.

3. Bleisure: This new term refers to the traveler who requires the trip for business, but wants to fit some leisure activities in.

Each one of these travelers will have different motivations for visiting your site. Leisure travelers might want to see if you have a pool or a great spa, while business travelers would be more likely to be interested in whether or not you have a conference center or free Wi-Fi. Bleisure travelers will likely be a combination of the two.




So, what do all three have in common?

Despite what kind of traveler is visiting your site, they probably had a destination in mind when they started looking for hotels. Maybe there is a conference in the area, or maybe they have always dreamed of visiting a nearby attraction. Either way, once they chose the location they were setting off for — they had to have a place to stay.

Most travelers begin their search for hotels on “metasites” like TripAdvisor or Expedia. From there, they can see the top-rated hotels in the area, and sort through thousands of reviews — all in one place. So, if they’ve landed on yours, you’re probably already in the running.




What are they looking for?

Once travelers have created a “short list” of hotels they might like to stay from these metasites, they look at each website to find which has the advantage. They want to find which hotel can offer them the best price and amenities in the area. They go to your site to find what your hotel can offer them that no other can in the area.

So now you know who your visitors are, where they’re coming from, and what they’re looking for, but it always helps to have even more information about your guests.

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